Now the dry and cold months have approached, we thought its the time to reveal something for you. Particularly, when you feel it the most around this period of the year, we are talking about the terrifying phase of itchy beard!

Let’s not waste time and let us reveal the secret to how to cope-up with an itchy beard, especially during the colder months of the year.

What triggers the itching?

Feeling itchiness in the cold months, in comparison to weather-tolerable days, at this stage of the year is very normal. When the cold weather arrives, our body delivers and produces a tendency to experience low temperatures. The solution is to make your skin feel better by eliminating these issues and to resolve the problem, we must first know the cause behind it. 

The most usual cause is that you do not wash your face well enough since this builds the dead cells under the surface of your face, and gives rise to dry and scaly skin, which is called dandruff. Handling it may get tricky sometimes, as the longer the beard, the more the itching. However, you don’t need to panic because we have the solution to get rid of the itchiness for you!

How to stop the beard from itching?

In order to prevent your beard from itching, you just need to take good care of your wonderful skin. For that, you need to invest a little in beard grooming kits because these products are created to provide benefits to your skin, and of course; your beard. 

The key to the beard problem is to use our beard oil, beard balm and butter. Beard oils are required to soothe your dry and irritated skin and it also nourishes your beard into a healthier state to keep growing nicely. During the colder months, you must apply a little more oil on your beard because coolness dries things out far quicker than the other seasons of the year. 

It is all about balance and understanding, what works best for you - along with the style of your beard. If you choose the basic care of your beard even in the colder months, you will get lots of problems and issues, such as dry and flaky skin which causes brittle and split ends in your beard. Therefore, make sure to give your beard a little more in this cold season.

Our beard grooming kits allow you to have soft and comfortable skin, there is a wide assortment to choose from. Get yourself a kit you admire and give your face the best gift it can get!

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