Beardaza’s Derma Roller is a focused and perfectly precise manner of utilising a variety of micro-needles and rolling them across your face, this energises the production of collagen, thus vitalising a healthy hair growth. Most men get curious about whether it really helps to grow their beard naturally and faster through the use of our Derma Roller, the answer is, of course, yes! The Derma Roller is highly reliable for facial hair growth, resulting in a thicker, natural beard. 

Do you want to know how? 

Well, our action plan is very simple:

  1. The tiny needles of the derma roller penetrate through the skin.
  2. Your body realises the harm and starts the curating procedure.
  3. Your blood circulation enhances, hormone and nutrient-rich blood circulate to your beard area; hence, total growth of the beard.

See? Simple as that!

Let’s now have a look at the benefits of our derma roller

  • Diminishes wrinkles
  • Lightens the scar tissues
  • Prevents premature signs of ageing
  • Prevents hyperpigmentation by removing the layers of the skin
  • Gives rise to hair follicles
  • Prevents hair loss while using in conjunction with an insular like minoxidil.

For optimal results, in an affordable way, use our beard oil after using the derma roller.

Effects of using beard oil with derma roller 

When you finish using the derma roller on your skin, the next best thing is to use beard oil. The Derma Roller leaves the area accessible to immerse the nutrients; therefore, applying beard oil passes the nutrients to the skin, which stimulates the growth in your beard. 

Moreover, it helps the generation of collagen that helps to heal your scars along with making your skin soft and smooth. If you feel inflammation in your skin after using a derma roller, immediately use beard oil to diminish the irritation. Beard oil works as an antibacterial that prevents bacteria from dispersing into the skin.

Additionally, when the oils penetrate into the skin and hair follicles, they provide nourishment allowing the hair follicles to revive growth. 

Without any doubt, Derma Rollers when used with beard oils are a cheap and simple way of stimulating the growth of your beard. It accurately works by improving blood circulation and producing keratin and collagen. This makes it a surefire and effective way to grow your beard. 

Derma Rollers have been proven to work effectively on the scalp hair and therefore, they work in the exact same manner on the hair of your facial area. But using Derma Rollers with a beard oil will surely give you the desired results.

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