Today, we wanted to do something a little adventurous and what can be more exciting than sharing some real fun facts about man's best friend; the Beard.

Get yourself pumped up because we are about to reveal the four weird beard facts that you must know!

1. Beards have the ability to grow 28 feet long in a lifetime

Your facial hair may grow about fourfold a guy’s height if we leave your beard to grow from youth till death? Hard to believe right? The fact is that beards, in actual, can grow normally at 5½ inches in about 1 year, and are composed of around forty-thousand facial hairs. It is quite an astonishing fact.

We believe that the first man to grow a beard longer than 28 feet is a man that uses Beardaza ;)

2. Beards are a sign of aggression

Wait, what? Well, it is true that beards are sometimes stereotyped as more aggressive. However, there is a study that says that the bearded men look more attractive, seem dominant, and sometimes, unfaithful. 

We say these findings or weird facts seem a bit virulent since one should never prejudge the worth of something by its outside appearance alone because beauty is only skin deep, and the same is the case with the bearded man. 

3. Beard addiction has a name

Ahh! It is factual that there are individuals, who are totally obsessed with enhancing one’s beard, oh, and they have a name for that too - a pogonophile. 

Sure, this word does not sound so alluring or flattering but the meaning of pogonophile is a person who actively loves a beard to the extent that they become totally obsessed with someone else’s beards in some extreme instances. 

Hence, it feels like a beard does cause the most powerful feelings for a few individuals. So when you see someone looking at your beard for so long, they may have got a little infatuated with your beard. 

4. Your Beard works the same as an Umbrella

Oh no! We don’t say it opens and shuts like an umbrella, nor should you use it ‘Mary-Poppins’ style, but it provides you a shade to cover your face from the sharp rays of the sun. Having a thicker beard stops the harmful UV rays from attacking your skin and gives about 90% protection against those damaging rays.

On top of that, during the colder months, your beard has some opposite effects too. So it holds in the warmness that helps to keep you protected from getting frosted. What a wonderous thing your beard is!

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