What man out there doesn't know that the growing and grooming of a beard can be frustrating? There are many problems that come with a growing beard, but the most painful is a dry and abrasive beard as it can sting like copper wire.

Fortunately, with proper beard care, you can resolve this problem and grow a healthy and happy beard. To combat dry beard, the most reliable product is our beard oil. 

Don’t know what it is or how to use it? No worries, we got you covered.

How to apply beard oil on your facial beard?

Step 1 - Wash and clean your face

The best results for our beard oil shows after a hot shower. The steam and warmth from the shower helps in opening up the pores of your skin so that your facial hair becomes more responsive to the beard oil. 

Step 2 - Pat with a dry cloth till your face is dry

As you already know, oil and water do not blend in; therefore, pat dry your face and your skin using a towel.

Step 3 - Pump it up

Get a sufficient quantity of beard oil in your hands (the quantity depends on the growth of your facial hair). For men, with little to no facial hair, you can pump it up just once to get the right quantity. Evenly spread the oil by rubbing your hands gently and then massage your face and beard making sure you cover all the areas of your skin. 

Step 4 - Brush your beard with our beard brush

After applying the beard oil on your beard, it is time to set it up. Use a comb to brush your beard (this creates a firm shape, detangles, and makes your beard strong).

When to apply beard oil on your facial beard?

The number of times you should apply beard oil onto your beard decides the quality of your beard and therefore, relies upon numerous factors, which primarily include the length and growth of your beard.. However, most men must apply it twice a day, for instance, one time in the morning, and the second time before sleeping at night. 

We suggest you apply beard oil at night after taking a shower so that the oil will remain in your beard and work its wonders throughout the night. You will see your softer, glowing skin, and evenly grown beard in the morning. Want a premium and healthier beard, buy the best beard oil here.

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